Working paper on executive action and the rule of law

The Working Paper was intended for the participants in the 1962 International Congress of Jurists, held in Rio de Janeiro (Petropolis), Brazil from 11 to 15 December 1962.

The paper was prepared with the assistance of National Sections and individual jurists who responded to the questionnaire submitted to them by the Commission. Replies from the following 55 countries were available at the time of the drafting of the document.

The paper starts with an introduction on the Rule of law and consequently covers the topics dealt with by the four Committees set up for the Congress:

Committee one: Procedures Utilized by Administrative Agencies and Executive Officials
Committee two: Control by the Courts and the Legislature over Executive Action
Committee three: The Role of Lawyers in a Changing Society
Committee four: The Role of Legal Education in a Changing Society

Executive action and rule of law-working paper conference-1962-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Executive action and rule of law-working paper conference-1962-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)

Executive action and rule of law-working paper conference-1962-fra (full text in French, PDF)


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