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Blog title: Concluding Observations, CCPR/CO/78/SVK, 28 July 2003: Slovakia

4. The Committee welcomes progress made in various areas, since the review of the first periodic report in 1997, and in particular the continuing process of bringing the State party’s legislation into harmony with its international obligations. This includes Constitutional Statute No. 90/2001, amending and supplementing the Constitution of the Slovak Republic; the amendment of […]

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Chapter 4. Beyond constitutional remedies: Exploring various jurisdictions

The focus of the present Guide is adjudication of ESC rights at the domestic level, supported by examples from regional and international judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. Undoubtedly, in cases of violations of ESC rights, the notionally preferable avenue for exercising the internationally guaranteed right to a remedy is through legal means that are constitutionally grounded.[181] […]

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2.3 Identifying breaches of international obligations of States pertaining to ESC rights

Under international law, violations of ESC rights occur when States breach their obligations, through acts or omissions, to ensure the enjoyment of these rights without discrimination, and to respect, protect and fulfil these rights. The following sections review a number of the critical applicable international ESC rights standards with the aim of encouraging practitioners to […]

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M. I. v. Sweden, Communication No. 2149/2012, 25 July 2013: Sweden

The facts as submitted by the author 2.1 The author used to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where her parents and siblings still live. She alleges that she is lesbian and that her parents learned about this around the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003. Subsequently, her parents arranged a marriage for her with […]

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