The ICJ is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity. The ICJ’s policy is to practice a fair and non-discriminatory recruitment and selection procedure and to strive for and maintain international and multi-cultural personnel.


Director of fundraising and development – applications close on 12 April 2018

180228 ICJ DoT Director Vacancy Announcement

Senior Legal Adviser, Middle East & North Africa Programme – applications close on 25 March 2018

VA SLA_ MENA Feb 2018

Research Assistant- Nepal – applications close on 16 March 2018

VA for research assistant Consultant_ Nepal

Consultant Legal Researcher: Tajikistan – applications close on 10 March 2018

VA Tajikistan Consultant-Feb 2018-ENG

VA Tajikistan Consultant-Feb 2018-RUS

Consultant Legal Researcher: Uzbekistan – applications close on 10 March 2018

VA Uzbekistan Consultant Feb 2018

VA_Uzbekistan_rus (in Russian)

Consultant Legal Researcher: Azerbaijan – applications close on 10 March 2018

VA Azerbaijan Consultant Feb 2018

Legal Adviser, Africa Regional Programme – applications close on 28 February 2018

Africa Legal Adviser VA

International Programme Manager, Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law and Human Rights – applications close on 31 January 2018

Myanmar 22Dec17 International PM VA