Agenda for Peace: an independent survey of the violence in South Africa

The report of the ICJ’s August 1990 mission, “Signposts to Peace”, surveyed the violence in Natal and raised important issues of concern to all peace-loving South Africans.

The recommendations of the mission not only made an effective impact on subsequent political developments in South Africa but they were also useful in focusing international attention on the crisis.

Following the signing of the Peace Accord in September 1991 and the appointment of the Goldstone Commission, as well as the escalation of violence in Natal and parts of the Transvaal, the ICJ considered it highly desirable to send a four member mission to South Africa from March 16-29, 1992. The follow-up mission included two members of the earlier mission and was led by the ICJ Secretary-General.

In light of the report of the first mission and subsequent detailed background information on the violence, the mission concentrated its efforts on gaining insight into the causes of the violence and breakdown of law and order.

The mission held meetings with members of the Government, judges and lawyers and with a variety of organizations and individuals representing all sides involved in the violence, as well as with independent monitors and observers.

South Africa-agenda for peace-fact finding mission report-1992-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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