Apartheid in South Africa and South West Africa: a study

Whether it be in regard to the rule of law or to the rules of humanity, the policies of racial discrimination practized in Southern Africa are indefensible. 

In areas where racial discrimination is the basis of society and is supported by otherwise formally valid laws, the legislation ceases to be based on justice.

Discriminatory laws both in principle and in practice lead inevitably to the erosion, one after the other, of the elements of the Rule of Law. Such an unjust and discriminatory social order inevitably arouses opposition; stern repressive measures are then taken to deal with all opposition and to maintain by force the social order which has engendered the opposition. The opposition is then driven under ground and to violence. Thus, a policy of racial, or religious, discrimination ultimately results in the destruction of all legal safeguards, including those which are not directly related to discriminatory laws.

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