Attacks on Justice 2005: Chile

The gradual loss of influence by the military has helped in ensuring the introduction of constitutional and legal reforms that continue to consolidate the democratization process within the country.

Nevertheless, the failure to bring many prosecutions in connection with the gross violations of human rights committed under the former military government is a pending issue that must be addressed by the authorities, the judiciary and civil society.

The final implementation of reform of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which started in 2000 and culminated in June 2005 with its entry into force in the capital, Santiago, and the enactment of 58 amendments to the 1980 Constitution are significant steps in the modernization of the justice system and political institutions.

The recent discovery of secret bank accounts belonging to General Pinochet and his family has led to pressure for investigations to be carried out into not only possible human rights violations but also corrupt practices in which he may have been involved.

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