Arrests on suspicion of homosexuality: letter to the UN Special Procedures

The ICJ brought the attention of UN Special Procedures to the recent arrest in Cameroon of two men for suspected homosexuality.

Bruno Afaaba (DOB 26/10/1984) and Marc-Henri Batta (DOB 3/9/1982) were arrested 27 September, 2010 by officers of the First Squadron of the Gendarmerie in Yaoundé.

The arrest came after a search of their house revealed a large batch of condoms and lubricant. The two men were detained and on 4 October 2010 they were forced to undergo anal exams to confirm, in the words of the commander of the gendarmerie, their suspected sexual activity.

According to one of their lawyers, Maître André Nlend, Mr. Afaaba and Mr. Batta were not advised of their right to remain silent or to counsel, and were in fact handcuffed during the medical exam. They are currently being held in Kodengui Prison.

Cameroon-Special Procedures-open letter-2010 (full text in English, PDF)

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