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Execution of Turkish Ministers

The ICJ learnt with profound concern the sentences of death passed by the Turkish High Court of Yassiada on September 15th, 1961, upon certain accused who had appeared before the Court. Three Ministers were eventually executed. (more…)

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Trial of Professor Enrique Tierno Galvan

The trial of Professor Enrique Tierno Galvan, a prominent Catholic leader of the Spanish academic community, and 9 other co-accused commences on March 9 before the Special Court of Illegal Propaganda in Madrid. (more…)

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Dr. Phan-Quang-Dan’s disappearance

The ICJ, with the support of 39,000 jurists, judges and professors of law in 62 countries throughout the world, wishes to make known the texts of two cables sent on January 28 and February 14, 1961 directly to the Minister of Justice of South Vietnam, Nguyen Luong. (more…)

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