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Archive | Attacks on Justice 2000

Attacks on Justice 2000 – United Kingdom

The year was marked by developments that could constitute a fundamental change in the judicial system. The diverse role of the Lord Chancellor came increasingly into question and accepted judicial appointment procedures were challenged. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – DR Congo

A new Constitution, elaborated and approved by the President of the Republic, is still pending for approval in a popular referendum. Only some parts of the new Constitution were made public. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Portugal

The Portuguese judiciary was declared to be in a state of emergency due to the large backlog and the inability on the part of prosecutors and judges to speed up trials before the procedural terms elapsed. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Russia

The Russian judiciary remains subject to executive, military and private influence and corruption. The lack of resources is so overwhelming that it prevents the judiciary from working properly. Defence lawyers are increasingly becoming the targets of police harassment. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Argentina

Judges and prosecutors continued to play a key role in the full restoration of powers to the judiciary, including the power to investigate and try past human rights violations, but the judiciary, especially in the provinces, continued to be subject to political influence. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Panama

The main problems affecting the judiciary are related to excessive delays in the commencement of trials, the extensive practice of pre-trial detention, political manipulation and corruption. (more…)

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