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Archive | Attacks on Justice 2000

Attacks on Justice 2000 – Mexico

The ineffectiveness of the Mexican system of justice allows most violations of human rights to go unpunished. Ordinary courts lack jurisdiction to try members of the armed forces for violations of human rights committed against civilians. This erodes the independence of these courts. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Ivory Coast

The Ivorian court system continued to be used as a means to harass political opposition leaders and independent jurists. The judiciary is often subjected to interference from the executive branch and is highly vulnerable. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000: Palestinian Autonomous Areas

The Palestinian judiciary is largely underfunded, suffers from neglect and is subjected to frequent political attacks. State Security Courts remain the primary concern, with trials occurring at night and without appropriate safeguards for ensuring a fair trial. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Jordan

There have been several examples of government interference with the judiciary over recent years such as allegations that judges have been reassigned temporarily to another court or judicial district in order to remove them from a particular case. (more…)

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