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Archive | Attacks on Justice 2000

Attacks on Justice 2000 – Italy

The main problems in the Italian judiciary are the excessively lengthy trials and the influence of corruption and organized crime on political and economic life which have important repercussions for judicial activity. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 : Israel

The Israeli judicial system guarantees judicial independence and this is respected by the government. However, the courts tend to acquiesce in government arguments of national security in sensitive cases. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000: Indonesia

The Indonesian Constitution has little practical effect. Effective judicial review is absent and the judiciary depends upon the executive, in both legal and administrative terms. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Nigeria

Human rights concerns and problems with the administration of justice still exist, as Nigeria remains a country in transition. However, a new Constitution provided appropriate safeguards for the independence of the judiciary and they were respected in practice. (more…)

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