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Archive | Attacks on Justice 2000

Attacks on Justice 2000 – Turkey

Despite constitutional guarantees of judicial independence, judges in Turkey are not truly free to decide matters before them impartially, in accordance with their assessment of the facts and their understanding of the law. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Azerbaijan

The presidential power regarding appointment and dismissal of judges is a serious threat to the impartiality of the judiciary. Furthermore, the lack of security of tenure for judges constitutes a serious deficiency in the Azeri system. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Brazil

A parliamentary committee investigated allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the judiciary. A number of judges and prosecutors were denounced and the evidence collected was sent to the Public Prosecutor for the initiation of criminal investigations. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – South Africa

There have been several controversies over judicial appointments as the judiciary is faced with the challenge of developing itself to represent the modern South Africa. Calls were also made during the year to increase judicial accountability. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2000 – Belarus

In Belarus the procedures regarding tenure, discipline and dismissal of judges do not comply with the principle of an independent judiciary. In fact, no respect at all for the Rule of Law is shown by the Belarussian Government. (more…)

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