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CIJL Yearbook: strengthening judicial independence, eliminating judicial corruption, vol. IX, 2000

This volume of the CIJL Yearbook focuses particularly on eliminating coruption in the judiciary.

February 1, 2001

CIJL Yearbook: universal aspects of judicial independence, vol. VIII, 2000

This volume of the CIJL Yearbook focuses particularly on the judicial independence.

January 1, 2001

CIJL Yearbook: the judiciary in a globalized world, vol. VII, 1999

This issue of the CIJL Yearbook contains: Editorial The Judiciary and Constitutionalism in a Democratic Society, by Idmail Mahomed The Role of International Financial Institutions in Judicial Reform, by Diego Garcia-Sayan The Courts of the Future, by Michael Kirby

January 1, 1999

CIJL Yearbook: Asian and other perspectives, vol. V & VI, 1996

This issue of the CIJL Yearbook includes articles, analysis, declarations and decisions related to the independence of the judiciary, with a focus on Asia.

March 1, 1996

CIJL Yearbook: the media and judiciary, vol. IV, 1995

Long before the OJ Simpson murder trial, the ICJ’s Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers recognised that freedom of information and speech must be properly balanced with the needs of the proper administration of justice.

December 1, 1995

CIJL Yearbook: the judiciary in transition, vol. III, 1994

In times of transition, the judiciary needs to be given special attention. This period is essential to restore the balance between the three state authorities, to empower the judiciary to become a separate and equal power. As such, it can fullfil its role as the main protector of human rights.

August 1, 1994