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The Commission

The International Commission of Jurists is comprised of up to sixty lawyers (including senior judges, attorneys and academics) dedicated to ensuring respect for international human rights standards through the law. Commissioners are known for their experience, knowledge and fundamental commitment to human rights. The composition of the Commission aims to reflect the geographical diversity of the world and its many legal systems.

Honorary members

In addition, many past Commissioners are appointed Honorary Members of the Commission at the end of their term as Commissioners. Meanwhile some individuals are directly elected Honorary Members in recognition of their seniority and contribution to the advancement of human rights and the rule of law.

Executive committee

The Governance of the organization rests with the Commissioners. However the Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Commission on a day to day basis. The Committee is composed of between seven and nine Commissioners who are each elected by their fellow Commissioners for a period of two years and may be re-elected twice. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year and maintains a regular working relationship with the Secretariat.

President & Vice Presidents

The ICJ President and Vice Presidents are elected periodically by their fellow Commissioners. Their mandate is to promote and represent the Commission.