African Conference on the Rule of Law, Lagos, Nigeria, January 3-7, 1961: a report on the proceedings of the Conference

The 194 judges, practising lawyers and teachers of law who participated in this Conference adopted a resolution which is known as the Law of Lagos.The main conclusion that emerged from the Lagos Conference was that the dignity of the human person is a universal concept, regardless of the different forms it may assume in one or another cultural environment. African lawyers emphatically rejected any notion of a purely African juridical system, as distinct from other systems, constructed solely on the basis of native custom. Africans have elaborated a concept of human dignity during the crucial years leading to their emancipation which recognises no limitations whatsoever.

The report contains a Foreword and three parts, with General information on the Conference, Working Papers of the Conference and Proceedings of the Conference.

Africa-African Conference Rule of Law-conference report-1961-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Africa-African Conference Rule of Law-conference report-1961-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)


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