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Kanane v. State, Court of Appeal, Botswana (30 July 2003)

Procedural Posture Utjiwa Kanane was charged with committing an unnatural offence, contrary to section 164(c) of the Penal Code, and committing indecent practices between males, contrary to section 167. The conduct at issue involved Graham Norrie, a British tourist, and occurred in December 1994. (Norrie pleaded guilty, paid a fine, and left the country.) Kanane […]

CIJL Bulletin: volume 19 & 20

This volume of the CIJL Bulletin contains: Case reports on Algeria, Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Syria and Yugoslavia Articles: (more…)

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Botswana-Penal Code (1964)

Botswana-Penal Code-1964-eng