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Concluding Observations, CCPR/C/NZL/CO/5, 7 April 2010: New Zealand

A. Positive aspects 3. The Committee welcomes the following legislative and other measures: (a) The apportion of the Civil Union Act 2005 regarding the recognition of civil unions of persons of the same sex and the right to equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. Link to full text of the report:

Attacks on Justice 2005: New Zealand

Separation of powers in New Zealand is generally effective and respected in practice. Both the judiciary and the legal profession fulfil their duties in an ethical manner free from interference. (more…)

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“Michael” v. Registrar-General of Births, Family Court of Auckland, New Zealand (9 June 2008)

Procedural Posture The Registrar-General of Births applied to the Family Court for guidance with respect to all future sex and name change applications. Facts The plaintiff, Michael, was born with a female body but identified as male from an early age. In 2003 the plaintiff changed his female birth name to his current male name; […]

Communication No. 902/1999: New Zealand, CCPR/C/75/D/902/1999, Ms. Juliet Joslin et al. v. New Zealand, July 30, 2002

2.1 Ms. Joslin and Ms. Rowan commenced a lesbian relationship in January 1988. Since that point, they have jointly assumed responsibility for their children out of previous marriages. In living together, they have pooled finances and jointly own their common home. They maintain sexual relations. On 4 December 1995, they applied under the Marriage Act […]

New Zealand Attorney General v. Family Court at Otahuhu, High Court of New Zealand (30 November 1994)

Procedural Posture The Attorney General applied on behalf of the Registrar of Marriages to the High Court. Vivienne Ullrich argued as a friend of the court in opposition to the Attorney General. The Attorney General stated that the State’s only interest was to have the matter settled, regardless of outcome. Issue The Attorney General requested […]