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Southeast Asia: governments must act to counter abusive lawsuits brought by businesses targeting human rights and public interest advocates (SLAPPs)

“Business enterprises continue to use their clout to nullify the work of human rights and public interest advocates through abusive lawsuits (SLAPPs) and far more needs to be done by governments to protect against this practice,” said the panelists during the forum titled ‘Addressing SLAPPs Against Human Rights Defenders in South-East Asia: Challenges and Lessons […]

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Attacks on Justice 2005: East Timor

Timor Leste’s judicial sector, including the legal system and the police service, remains fragile. It continues to be plagued by a lack of competent judicial actors, resources, training and management. (more…)

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Attacks on Justice 2002: East Timor

Since coming under the administration of the United Nations following twenty-four years of Indonesian rule, East Timor has made modest but significant strides towards achieving a functioning and independent judiciary. (more…)

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