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Germany-Council Directive 2004-83-EC (2004)

Germany-Council Directive 2004-83-EC-2004-eng  

Germany-Strafgesetzbuch (1998)

Germany-Strafgesetzbuch-1998-de Germany-German Criminal Code-1998-eng  

ICJ Bulletin no. 14 (October 1962)

The system of government inherited by many new independent States in Africa from the colonial powers has been one of parliamentary democracy based on the political party system. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 5 (June 1956)

In view of the developments related to the Internal Congress of Jurists in Athens in June 1955, this bulletin focuses on a survey of the organization,past achievements, present work and future activities of the Commission, particularly by delegates to the Athens Congress. (more…)

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