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Region and country Archives: Poland

CIJL Bulletin: volume 4

This issue of the CIJL Bulletin contains case reports on Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Iran, Guatemala, Namibia, Poland and Sierra Leone and information about the Paris Colloquium on Argentinian Lawyers. (more…)

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ICJ Review no. 1 (March 1969)

The Review will provide, on a quarterly basis, not only studies in depth on current legal issues, but also up-to-date information on legal developments throughout the world. This new publication aims to reinforce the Commission’s action for the Rule of Law. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 25 (March 1966)

The ICJ in its bulletin no.25 focuses on emerging countries and the challenges facing. They expose the persistent violation of the most elementary principles of justice and respect for human rights, for example in Haiti committed by Dr. Duvalier’s regime. (more…)

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ICJ Journal vol. VI no. 2 (1965)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries. (more…)

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