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Region and country Archives: Poland

ICJ Bulletin no. 20 (September 1964)

It is important not to treat in isolation events from their region; the impact and significance had already been felt far beyond its boundaries. This is the case with Brazil and Latin America, as seen in Bulletin no.17 with the Dominican Republic. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 10 (January 1960)

The 10th edition of the bulletin reflects on the major international legal events of 1959 and outlines the issues of the coming period and the policies adopted to address them. (more…)

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ICJ Journal vol. I no. 1 (1957)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries. (more…)

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New substantive criminal law

This document is Part Three in the series Government, Law and Courts Behind the Iron Curtain. It contains a country-by-country overview of developments in relation to substantive criminal law in the following states: (more…)

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