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Region and country Archives: Spain

ICJ Bulletin no. 30 (June 1967)

This bulletin includes a groundbreaking document to support the establishment of a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights with a decree of independence and prestige required for the performance of his functions under the authority of the General Assembly. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 27 (September 1966)

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental requirements of a genuine State under the rule of law. One of the most effective ways of obstructing the rule of law is the creation of strict press censorship. This bulletin develops the case of Spain and its new press law. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 23 (August 1965)

1965 marks the passage to constitutional governments in many newly independent countries. This bulletin gives an oversight of the main challenges an issues of those regions. (more…)

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Spain and the Rule of Law

The International Commission of Jurists now publishes its report on “ Spain and the Rule of Law”. The interest of the Commission in Spanish developments dates back many years. (more…)

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Trial of Professor Enrique Tierno Galvan

The trial of Professor Enrique Tierno Galvan, a prominent Catholic leader of the Spanish academic community, and 9 other co-accused commences on March 9 before the Special Court of Illegal Propaganda in Madrid. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 9 (August 1959)

In this Bulletin No. 9 will be found, in accordance with the pattern adopted previously, a series of items on recent legal developments and current events pertaining to the Rule of law. (more…)

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