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Region and country Archives: Algeria

CIJL Bulletin: volume 19 & 20

This volume of the CIJL Bulletin contains: Case reports on Algeria, Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Syria and Yugoslavia Articles: (more…)

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ICJ Review no. 1 (March 1969)

The Review will provide, on a quarterly basis, not only studies in depth on current legal issues, but also up-to-date information on legal developments throughout the world. This new publication aims to reinforce the Commission’s action for the Rule of Law. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 9 (August 1959)

In this Bulletin No. 9 will be found, in accordance with the pattern adopted previously, a series of items on recent legal developments and current events pertaining to the Rule of law. (more…)

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ICJ Bulletin no. 7 (October 1957)

The ICJ strives to keep lawyers throughout the world in touch with problems arising from practical application of legal principles by compiling a regular survey in short and readable form of current developments, within the general sphere of the rule of law, in various countries. (more…)

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