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Bahrain: New anti-terrorism bill signed into law

On 10 August, the King of Bahrain signed a counter-terrorism bill adopted by the Parliament on 22 July. A number of organizations and experts, including the UN Special Rapporteur on counter- terrorism and human rights, Martin Scheinin, have expressed concerns about its overly broad definition of terrorism, unclear definition of the offence of incitement to […]

Bahrain: Anti-terrorism bill reintroduced into Parliament

The Government of Bahrain reintroduced a draft anti-terrorism bill, which had been withdrawn when it met with strong opposition from civil society last year. The current bill is almost identical to the withdrawn text; it contains a broad definition of terrorism and criminalizes various forms of involvement in terrorism. If adopted, it would give special […]

Bahrain: Counter-terrorism law reduces safeguards against torture

The UN Committee against Torture (CAT) expressed concern about the broad definitions of terrorism and terrorist groups and the erosion of judicial safeguards against torture in a proposed counter-terrorism law in Bahrain. The ICJ made a written submission to the CAT about the draft law.

Bahrain: Government introduces bill on counter-terrorism

A new counter-terrorism bill containing broad definitions of terrorism and terrorist organizations and granting special prosecutorial powers with regard to such crimes was presented to parliament in late March. The bill transfers authority over key aspects of the investigation from the judiciary to the prosecution, including the authority to order up to 90-days of detentions […]