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Egypt: Government to hold referendum to end 26-year old state of emergency

On 4 December, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif announced that the Egyptian Government planned to hold a Constitutional referendum in summer 2007 on whether to replace the current state of emergency with anti-terrorism legislation. The state of emergency has been in place in Egypt since 1981, when President Anwar Sadat was assassinated.

Egypt: Parliament renews emergency legislation

A week after the 24 April bombings in Dahab, Parliament extended the 25-year old state of emergency for a further two years, despite previous announcements that the emergency law would be replaced by new anti-terrorism laws. The emergency law, which was due to expire in June 2006, grants wide powers to law enforcement agencies to […]

ACIJLP organizes the first activities of its campaign “Empowering Women to Hold Judiciary Positions in Egypt”

The Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (ACIJLP) organizes a workshop titled “Women Holding Judiciary Positions in Egypt….Legislative and Real Obstacles” on Monday, 30 January, 2006 at the Shepheard hotel’s Nefertiti hall. The workshop studies and analyzes the real and legislative obstacles that deprive Egyptian women of their right […]

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