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United Kingdom: SIAC allows deportation based on diplomatic assurances

On 26 February, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) dismissed an appeal by a Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada against his deportation to Jordan. Abu Qatada argued that he was at risk of being tortured if deported to Jordan. The Commission rejected his claim on the ground that the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the UK […]

Jordan: National Assembly adopts first anti-terrorism law after Amman bombings

The National Assembly approved in August a new anti-terrorism law as a response to the Amman bombings last year. Concerns have been expressed about the law’s broad definition of terrorism, provisions allowing detention without access to a lawyer and without judicial review for up to 30 days, increased powers of law enforcement officials to detain, […]

Jordan: First anti-terrorism bill after Amman bombings

In the aftermath of the Amman bombings in November 2005, the Government has begun drafting the country’s first anti-terrorism bill. According to Interior Ministry officials, the law will enable the authorities to hold terrorist suspects indefinitely and impose penalties on anybody condoning, justifying or supporting terrorist acts.

Attacks on Justice 2000 – Jordan

There have been several examples of government interference with the judiciary over recent years such as allegations that judges have been reassigned temporarily to another court or judicial district in order to remove them from a particular case. (more…)

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