Crimes against humanity: Pinochet faces justice

The ICJ has actively monitored the human rights situation in Chile for over twenty-five years now, since General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte overthrew the democratic government led by Dr. Salvador Allende.

On 16 October 1998, Pinochet was arrested while in London at the request of a Spanish judge, Dr. Baltasar Garzon, who sought his extradi­tion to Spain to face charges of genocide, terrorism and torture.

“Clearly, this is a complicated and emotional case and one with far rea­ching implications for both the people involved and for international law in general. This publication seeks to provide a thorough analysis that will
elucidate the critical issues that have been raised by the Pinochet case thus far. The case has already contributed to stimulating debate around major human rights issues that can no longer be ignored. It should be seen as an
important step in the struggle against impunity and bodes well for the future prosecution of others, however mighty and powerful, who commit crimes against international law. Hopefully, the Pinochet case will encou­rage the prompt establishment of the International Criminal Court, allo­wing the international community to bring to justice other perpetrators of such egregious crimes.”

Chile-Pinochet-fact finding mission report-1999-eng (full report in English, PDF)

Chile-Pinochet-fact finding mission report-1999-spa (full report in Spanish, PDF)

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