Report of a seminar on Development and Legal Services in Africa: Dakar, April 1983

Report of a seminar on Development and Legal Services in Africa, Dakar-Senegal, April 1983, organised by the Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the ICJ.

CODESRIA and ICJ in collaboration with the Interafrican Union of Lawyers and the African Bar Association, assembled in April 1983 in Dakar thirty four (34) distinguished Jurists and Social Scientists from all over the continent to discuss the above issues.

This seminar had two commissioned working documents by Professor Boubacar LY of the University of Dakar, and Mr Clarence Dias of the International Center for Law and Development. These papers were extensively discussed, culminating with a summary of the discussion prepared by a committee elected at the seminar. These three documents constitute the proceeding of the seminar.

The seminar was particularly appreciative of the comparative input of the ICJ concerning similar seminars it sponsored in Asia and Latin America, of the experience of the on-going projects in those two continents and of its desire to see similar projects in Africa.

Africa-development and legal services-conference report-1983-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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