Drones and targeted killing : bringing human rights back in

On September 20-21, 2010, the ICJ Global Security and Rule of Law Initiative convened an informal expert consultation on the issue of drone killings and targeted killings. The meeting discussed legal policy and advocacy issues with the perspective of strengthening the international human rights response to the increasing use of drone killings in different parts of the world, including in situations of armed conflicts and outside genuine armed conflicts. It illustrated the frequent disregard of international human rights law and a lack of transparency and accountability for when and how drones are used for targeted killings. The meeting brought together senior lawyers of leading international human rights organizations, experts of international humanitarian law and general international law. The newly appointed UN Special Rapporteur on Arbitrary and Summary Executions also attended the meeting.

For more information see the agenda of the meeting.

Drones killing rights back-agenda-2010 (full text in English, PDF)