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Council of Europe rejects drafting of guidelines on diplomatic assurances

On 3 April, the Council of Europe Steering Committee on Human Rights issued its report on human rights implications of diplomatic assurances in the context of expulsion procedures. The Committee decided not to develop minimum standards for the use of diplomatic assurances.

Council of Europe releases reports on CIA flights and secret detention centres

On 1 March, the Council of Europe (CoE) Secretary General, Terry Davis issued his interim report on allegations of CIA-run secret prisons and flights in Europe. The report criticized the inadequacy of effective oversight of the activities of foreign agencies on the territories of CoE Member States. On 17 March, the Venice Commission of the […]

Council of Europe: Investigator says Europe knew of CIA operations

On 24 January, Dick Marty, the Council of Europe (CoE) Rapporteur on alleged secret detentions and transport of terrorist suspects by the CIA, delivered his interim report concluding that European countries were almost certainly aware of CIA activities in Europe. On 22 February, the CoE Secretary General Terry Davis announced that most Member States had […]

Council of Europe postpones decision on diplomatic assurances

On 9 December, a meeting of governments convened by the Council of Europe postponed a decision whether to draw up guidelines on use of diplomatic assurances in cases where a person is facing a risk of torture or ill-treatment if transferred to another country. Human rights organizations have opposed the drawing up of such guidelines.

Europe: Increasing pressure over allegations of CIA secret detention centres

On 13 December, the Council of Europe Rapporteur investigating allegations of CIA secret detentions and “rendition flights” in Europe said the information gathered so far is credible. The Council of Europe Secretary General has opened a formal inquiry, requesting states to provide information about the allegations. On 15 December, the EU Parliament also decided to […]

Council of Europe to investigate reports of CIA secret detention centres

On 7 November, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe announced it would investigate allegations of CIA detention and interrogation centres in member countries, emphasizing the legal obligation of member states not to allow their territory or facilities to be used for secret detention.