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UN: Counter-Terrorism Committee submits first report on incitement to terrorism

On 15 September, the Counter-Terrorism Committee submitted to the Security Council a report on the implementation of resolution 1624 (2005) requiring UN member states to take measures to prohibit and prevent incitement to commit terrorist acts.  

Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee visits Kenya

In a visit to Kenya in May 2005, a CTC expert delegation stressed the importance of criminalizing terrorism and the adoption of instruments to control the financing of terrorism. The CTC praised Kenya for considering the creation of a terrorism financing unit.

Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee appoints human rights expert

The Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) appointed a human rights expert. This appointment has been a long-standing request by the human rights community as one step to ensure that human rights are fully integrated in the work of the CTC.

Counter-Terrorism Committee holds meeting in Kazakhstan

As part of its revitalisation process, the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee held a meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where it discussed issues such financing of terrorism, money laundering, arms trafficking, illicit fund transfers, and fake charities.