El Quimbo: megaprojects, ESC rights, and protests in Colombia

Today, the ICJ launched a new report (in Spanish) documenting the impact of the El Quimbo dam project on the economic, social and cultural rights, as well as the environment, of the people living in the Colombian Huila Department.

The report highlights the response of both the State and the company behind the project to the demands of the affected communities, following massive social protests, conflicts and legal actions.

It also formulates a series of recommendations to ensure that the human rights and the environment in the region are protected and to end all the abuses against the local communities.

The report is the result of a field mission in Colombia, in which participated the ICJ Commissioners Philippe Texier (France) and Belisário dos Santos Junior (Brazil), Sandra Ratjen, ICJ Senior Legal Adviser on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Colombian lawyer Alberto León Gómez.

Colombia-ElQuimbo Megaprojects & ESCR-Publications-Facts Finding Mission Report-2016-SPA (full report in PDF, Spanish)

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