Ensure renewal of UN Fact-Finding Mission to pursue accountability for egregious human rights violations and abuses in Libya

The ICJ called today for the renewal of this key accountability mechanism for Libya before the UN Human Rights Council during the dialogue with the FFM .

The statement reads as follows:

“Mr. President,

The Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya (FFM) has been instrumental in documenting Libya’s dire human rights situation, and in advancing international efforts against impunity in the country.

Its documentation of and reporting on egregious human rights violations and abuses has significantly contributed to bridging the accountability gap in Libya. Filling this gap is particularly important in the Libyan context, where justice actors are unable to investigate serious violations and abuses of international human rights law and international humanitarian law effectively.

Presently, the Libyan judiciary is both not fully functional and under attack. Justice actors are under constant threat when investigating crimes under international law, particularly when armed groups are the subject of their investigations, to the point where they cannot deliver justice.

The FFM’s task, therefore, is all the more crucial to support domestic accountability efforts in Libya.

To this end, it is paramount that:

  1. This Council renews the FFM’s mandate for a period of at least one year;
  2. Adequate funding and staff be allocated to the FFM to effectively fulfil its mandate; and
  3. The Libyan authorities fully cooperate with the FFM, including by providing it with unfettered access to the country and allowing it to meet victims, witnesses and other sources freely and safely.

Thank you.”



Massimo Frigo, ICJ UN Representative, e: massimo.frigo(a)icj.org, t: +41797499949

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