EU: Towards ending detention of migrant children

On 23-24 January, the ICJ will hold two events in Brussels on the impact of immigration detention on children and on alternatives to detention for migrant children.

The events mark the end of the CADRE project, which the ICJ implemented jointly with national and international partners over the last two years. The project sought to promote the expansion, implementation and improvement of alternatives to detention for migrant children in full respect of their rights in the EU and to contribute to ending the resort to detention of children in migration.

During the past two years, the ICJ-EI and partners (Aditus (Malta), Foundation for Access to Rights (Bulgaria), Greek Council for Refugees (Greece), Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland), Defence for Children International – Belgium, Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary), and the Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) (Italy)) held three Exchange workshops, published four training modules on alternatives to detention for migrant children, held a number of national trainings in 5 EU Member States and created a case-law database.

The first debate, on 23 January, brings togehter highly respected internatioanl and national experts, from the field of child psychology, who will discuss their own findings or present relevant research on the impact of detention on children.

During the final event on 24 January a discussion will be held with EU institutions – the European Parliament and the European Commission – on current legislative proposals, the alternatives to detention of children in migration and the ways forward.

See here the agendas of the events:

To attend please register here by 12 January 2023: