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60 years in Geneva: advance justice, donate now!

All donations for the 60th Anniversary appeal will be matched by the Oak Foundation.

How to donate

Donate in a simple click by PayPal

As a donor to the ICJ, you will receive the ICJ annual report, where your name will appear with your consent. The ICJ is audited annually, under Swiss law. For large donations (above 10,000CHF) the ICJ provides specific financial reports on request. If you live in Switzerland or in the USA, you will benefit from tax exemption.

The 60th Anniversary Appeal

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) in Geneva at the initiative of the great Swiss jurist Jean-Flavien Lalive, who was Secretary General of the Organization in 1958.

Geneva can be proud of its image as the world capital of human rights.

The ICJ has greatly contributed to this in the last 60 years: campaigns for the creation of the post of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Commission on Human Rights, the campaign for the prohibition of torture and enforced disappearances in particular.

It is by law that the fundamental rights and corresponding responsibilities of states are recognized and legally protected. Strengthening the independence of judges and lawyers is at the heart of the ICJ’s mandate. We are fighting relentlessly against the growing attacks against judges, lawyers and other defenders of justice.

We are launching the 60th Anniversary Appeal to anyone in the Republic and Canton of Geneva who wants to support the ICJ and, through it, lawyers, judges and defenders of justice and human rights on the five continents.

Geneva is a beacon for advocates of justice around the world that must continue to shine.

Since 1952 the ICJ has performed a unique and prominent role as a non-governmental organization (NGO) defending human rights and the rule of law worldwide.

For this effective approach, the ICJ has been awarded, in the course of its long history, some of the most prestigious international distinctions.

Facing renewed assaults on human rights, the world needs, perhaps more than ever, the ICJ’s competent, rigorous, and effective defence of the rule of law.

The ICJ’s peerless reputation rests on these pillars:

  • 60 Commissioners – eminent judges and lawyers – from all parts of the world and all legal systems – with unparalleled knowledge of the law and human rights;
  • Cooperating with governments committed to improving their human rights performance;
  • Effective balance of diplomacy, constructive criticism, capacity building, and if necessary, ‘naming and shaming’;
  • Unmatched direct access to national judiciaries implementing international standards and improved legislation impacting millions;
  • Guiding, training and protecting judges and lawyers worldwide to uphold and implement these standards;
  • Working for access to justice for victims, survivors and human rights defenders, in particular from marginalized communities;
  • Following a strict result based management in the performance of its projects.

Most of ICJ’s donors are public institutions (European Union, Swiss regional governments, Scandinavian Development Agencies etc.).

Their donations are given for us to conduct mid or long-term in-depth specific projects aiming at changing legislation, implementing the rule of law, and are therefore limited by constraint and red tape.

But we need to be able to react fast.

Your donations will allow the ICJ to:

Send Commissioners in troubled areas

  • To assess violations of Human Rights
  • To propose long-term solutions at the highest level of the Government and Judiciary

Send lawyers for trial observation

  • “ICJ observers at our trials made the Courts behave” Nelson Mandela

Help human rights defenders and lawyers at trial

  • Direct support for legal costs
  • Submission of amicus briefs

Impact: some ICJ achievements

  • Trained more than 700 lawyers and judges in developing countries in international human rights law during the past 3 years
  • Fought for victims in more than 50 countries on 5 continents
  • Helped defend human rights by intervening in over 60 emblematic cases over the last 4 years
  • Published over 600 groundbreaking legal texts since 1952
  • Developed international human rights standards used by lawyers and judges worldwide.

Want to know more?

Contact the development team, who will be happy to help you:

Michaël W. Sombart, Director Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships
e: michael.sombart(a) ; t: +41 (0) 22 979 38 31

Priscilla Gonzalez, Assistant Officer, Development & Donor Relations
e: priscilla.gonzalez(a) ; t: +41 (0) 22 979 3840