Highlights from the Geneva Forum on women in the judiciary

The ICJ today published two documents based on the fourth annual Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers, on the topic of women and the judiciary.

The Forum brought together women judges and senior women lawyers from around the world, with a particular focus on countries from the Middle East / North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, where the ICJ had held two regional colloquia (one in Arusha and another in Tunis).

Participants drew on personal opinions, their professional experiences and their legal skills in discussing the obstacles that continue to impede women’s full and equal participation in the judiciary, the important roles that women judges can play, and the mechanisms to improve women’s representation.

The document below summarizes some of highlights of the Geneva Forum discussions.

The ICJ is also publishing today a synopsis of findings from the three meetings: Women and the World’s Judiciaries: Identifying Key Challenges and Opportunities

Women-Geneva Forum Highlights-briefing paper-2014 (full text in pdf)


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