HR Council side event: access to justice and corporate complicity in human rights abuses

The event will be held Friday, 31 May 2013, from 16.00 to 18.00, in Geneva, Palais des Nations, Room XXVII. It marks the 5th anniversary of the HR Council adoption of the Framework “Protect, Respect and Remedy”.

It also promotes the publication of the ICJ Report on “Corporate complicity in international crimes”. It will highlight the fact that the business and human rights agenda in the Human Rights Council remains unfinished, especially in the critical areas of access to justice and accountability, as well as the need for bold Council action to provide States and other actors with the necessary tools to ensure remedy and justice to victims of serious human rights abuses committed by or with the complicity of corporations in home and host countries.

HR Council-UN SIDE EVENT Business-Event-2013 (full text in pdf)