Human rights in Uruguay (March 1979-February 1980)

The ICJ thematic report on the human rights records in Uruguay. The reports focuses mainly on political prisoners.

There is every indication that there is a regime which continues to practice repeated and systematic violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Internally, any action for the respect of fundamental rights, as well as any resistance to the regime, is virtually impossible given the scope and extent of military repression.

The report contains information on:

  • Torture and ill-treatments of political prisoners
  • Conditions of detentions or imprisonment
  • Present number of political prisoners
  • Liberation of prisoners
  • Military justice
  • “Forced disappearance” of opponents
  • Institutional situation – state of emergency
  • Dismissal of civil servants
  • Freedom of expression – the press
  • Union rights
  • Political rights- elections
  • The exile
  • Economic situation
  • Military control

Uruguay- human rights political prisoner-report-1980-eng (full text in English, PDF)



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