ICJ 17th World Congress 2012 opened

The 17th World Congress of the ICJ opened today in Geneva, bringing together approximately 120 leading judges, lawyers and human rights defenders from five continents.

They will work on a final Declaration aiming to develop and strengthen international justice systems and mechanisms to remedy human rights violations.

The Congress, which marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of ICJ, aims to make a significant impact on international justice systems through the elaboration of principles and objectives, which will contribute to the advancement of the Rule of Law and human rights.

“Throughout its 60-year history, the ICJ has consistently sought to mobilize jurists in support of the Rule of Law and to advance human rights,” said Wilder Tayler, ICJ Secretary General. “Several ICJ declarations or resolutions made at our congresses are still frequently referenced and carry continued authority to this day. They have inspired inter-governmental bodies, including the United Nations, as well as bar associations, lawyers, academic centres and other human rights NGOs around the world.”

Congress ICJ2012-Press release-2012 (full text, pdf)

Congress ICJ2012-Press release-2012-fr (full text in pdf)

Below you can also watch the webcasts of some of the opening speeches: Pedro Nikken, Rémy Pagani and Theo Van Boven.


ICJ 17th World Congress-Opening speeches and final declaration-2012 (full text, pdf)

ICJ-Congress booklet 1952-2012 (full text, pdf)

Photo by David Rouge


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