ICJ calls for Egypt to ensure a quick transition of power to a lawfully constituted civilian authority

The ICJ today addressed the Human Rights Council on the grave situation for human rights and the rule of law in Egypt.

In a General Debate under Item 4 of the agenda of the Human Rights Council (human rights situations requiring the Council’s attention), the ICJ called on the Council to urge Egyptian authorities to:

  • Immediately and unconditionally agree to receive a mission by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and an ongoing presence in the country of an office of the OHCHR;
  • Ensure a quick transition of power to a lawfully constituted civilian authority;
  • Ensure prompt, independent and effective investigations into all alleged human rights violations, including the unlawful killing of protesters;
  • Respect the right of detainees to a lawyer and to challenge the lawfulness of their detention; and
  • Ensure that family members and legal counsel are notified of the detention of an individual, the place of detention, and the fate and whereabouts of hundreds of individuals reportedly missing.

The General Debate took place during the 24th regular session of the Council (9 to 27 September 2013).

Egypt-HRC24-Item4-OralStatement-LegalSubmission-2013 (download full statement in PDF)


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