ICJ intervenes in case challenging Turkey’s blocking of Wikipedia

Today, the ICJ intervened before the European Court of Human Rights in the case challenging the blocking of the website Wikipedia by the Turkish Government throughout the country.

In its intervention the ICJ addressed issues related to the compliance of Turkey’s Internet law and its application in practice, with rights under Article 10 ECHR to freedom of expression and to receive information.

In particular it addresses:

  • international standards relating to freedom of expression on the Internet;
  • evaluation of the Turkish Internet Law by international authorities, including bodies of the Council of Europe and United Nations;
  • blocking of websites and other internet under Article 8/A of Law no. 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications, and the judicial safeguards applying to such measures; and
  • whether remedies including the individual application to the Constitutional Court can redress the deficiencies of the law.

Europe-Wikimedia v Turkey_TPI-Advocacy-Legal submissions-2020-ENG (download the intervention)

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