ICJ Journal vol. III no. 1 (1961)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries.

An African Conference on the Rule of Law was organized by the ICJ in Lagos, Nigeria on January 3-7, 1961. The Conference was the first step in a long-range program to develop the Commission’s relations with jurists from African countries and to encourage an exchange of views and legal information among themselves as well as with the rest of the international legal community.

Preparations for the Conference were carried on for over a year, and consultations were held with leading African scholars and practitioners in search of an agenda which would be based on the Conclusions of Delhi and project the principles of the Rule of Law established therein to the realities confronting the old as well as the new countries of Africa.

This edition features:

  • The African Conference on the Rule of Law (Lagos, January 1961):
    • -Law of Lagos
    • -Conclusions of the Conference
    • -Draft outline for the national reports
    • -The significance of the Lagos Conference, by Gabriel d’Arboussier
    • -Reflections on the law of Lagos, by T.O. Elias
  • Preventive detention under different legal systems:
    • -Preventive detention in Australia, by Zelman Cowen and Rachnel Richards
    • -The law of preventive detention in Burma, by U. Hla Aung
    • -Protection of personal liberty in the criminal procedures of Eastern Europe, by Kazimierz Grzybowski
    • -Preventive detention in India, by Vivian Bose
    • -The former Japanese system of preventive detention, by Hakaru Abe
    • -Preventive and administrative detention as it pertains to the Philippines, by Arturo A. Alafriz
    • -Administrative internment in Singapore, by Bernard Brown
    • -Preventive and administrative detention in the USSR
  • Book reviews:
    • -Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, by American Association of Law Libraries
    • -Law in a Changing Society, by W. Friedmann
    • -Apartheid and Discrimination, by K. L. Roskam
    • -Allgemeine Lehren des rechtsstaatlichen Verwaltungsrecht des Rechtsstaates, by Zaccaria Giacometti
    • -Comparative Law, by Rudolf Schlesinger
    • -Traité des territoires dépendants, by Nicolas Veicopoulos
    • -International Transactions and Relations, Cases and Materials, by Milton Katz and Kingman Brewster
    • -Private International Law, by N. K. Dixit and Neglur Rangath
    • -Jahrbuch für Ostrecht, by Institute for East European Law
    • -International Communism, by David Footman
    • -Die Rechtsverletzungen im sozialistischen Staat und ihre Bekämpfung, by Rolf Schiisseler
    • -Die ungarischen Strafgesetze, by Ladislaus Mezöfi
    • -Grundzüge des mitteldeutschen Wirtschaftsrechts, by Benvenuto Samson
    • -Japanese Occupation and Ex Post Facto Legislation in Malaya, by S. K. Das

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