ICJ Journal vol. IV no. 1 (1962)

This legal Journal is devoted to the administration of justice within different countries. It also strives to deepen understanding of and widen agreement on the principles of the rule of law in all countries.

This edition features:

  • Articles
    • -The rule of law in the contemporary welfare state, by Fritz Gygi
    • -The lawyer in communist China, by Shao-Chuan Leng
    • -The ombudsman in New Zealand, by A.G. Davis
    • -Freedom of movement: right of exit, by Rudolf Torovsky
    • -The application of the European Convention on Human Rights in municipal law, by Philippe Comte
    • -The power of the judiciary in East Germany, by Walther Rosenthal
  • Notes:
    • -Ombudsman for Britain? by A.A. de C. Hunter
  • Document:
    • -Inter-American Draft Convention on Human Rights
  • Book reviews

ICJ Journal-IV-1-1962-eng (full text in English, PDF)
ICJ Journal-IV-1-1962-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)


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