Women´s equality before the law: new independent expert of the un human rights council

The principles of equality and non-discrimination are fundamental tenets of international human rights law, and stand at the heart of international human rights protection.

It is clear that as long as law does not promote and protect women’s equality and as long as law that discriminates against women exists, progress in relation to guaranteeing women’s human rights can only go so far. Although there is no silver bullet to ending all discrimination against women reform of law that discriminates against women and the development and enactment of law that promotes and protects their equality is a critical step.

Women’s inequality before the law and in the administration of justice persists throughout the world and effects women in all countries, of all ages, and in all aspects of their lives. The lack of progress that has been made on this issue, despite repeated international commitments and widely ascribed-to international legal commitments, is widely acknowledged to be appalling.

Law is a formal expression of State policy. Without equality before the law and equal access to justice women have no recourse when they face discrimination in all aspects of their lives.

ICJ Non-Paper: Women’s Equality Before the Law: New Independent Expert of the UN Human Rights Council

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