ICJ Review no. 2 (June 1969)

The Review will provide, on a quarterly basis, not only studies in depth on current legal issues, but also up-to-date information on legal developments throughout the world.

In this issue, the special study is an article by Mr. Marc Ancel, a distinguished French Judge, on capital punishment.

This edition features articles on:

  • Human rights in the world:
    • -Inter-American Convention
    • -Bulgaria
    • -Nigeria/Biafra
    • -Northern Ireland
    • -Spain
    • -Thailand
    • -United Nations
  • Special study: Capital punishment today, by Marc Ancel
  • Judicial application of the rule of law
  • Basic texts: important African declaration
  • ICJ news
  • Books of interests

ICJ Review-2-1969-eng (full text in English, PDF)
ICJ Review-2-1969-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)


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