ICJ Review no. 37 (December 1986)

The purpose of the Review is to focus attention on the problems in regard to which lawyers can make their contribution to society in their respective areas of influence and to provide them with the necessary information and data.

This issue of the ICJ Review contains an unusual number of documents relating to human rights. In June 1986 a group of international lawyers met in Maastricht, Netherlands, under the sponsorship of the ICJ, the American Association for the ICJ, the University of Limburg and the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights. They formulated the Limburg Principles on the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The principles are in two parts. The first describes the nature and scope of the legal obligations of States Parties to the Covenant. The second part examines and makes recommendations on the preparation and consideration of States Parties reports under the Covenant, and on international cooperation between the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other UN bodies, in particular the Specialised Agencies, for its implementation.

The Limburg Principles are reproduced as a Basic Text in this issue of the ICJ review. They will also be reproduced as a UN document for the next session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, and in the May 1987 issue of the Human Rights Quarterly together with the working papers and commentaries.

In addition, this edition features articles on:

  • Human rights in the world:
    • -Bangladesh
    • -Colombia
    • -Czechoslovakia
    • -El Salvador
    • -Malaysia
    • -Mauritania
    • -Sudan
    • -Tunisia
  • Commentaries:
    • -Human Rights Committee
    • -Human rights and the United Nations
  • Article:
      -The UN Fund for torture victims: the first years of activity, by Hans Danelius
  • Basic texts:
    • -Limburg Principles
    • -International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    • -Milan Principles

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