ICJ Review no. 58-59 (December 1997)

The purpose of the Review is to focus attention on the problems in regard to which lawyers can make their contribution to society in their respective areas of influence and to provide them with the necessary information and data.

This edition features:

  • Articles:
      -Minimum humanitarian standards – from Cape Town towards the future, by Anna-Lena Svensson-McCarthy
      -The European Social Charter, an instrument for the protection of human rights in the 21st century?, by Nathalie Prouvez
      -The role of the prosecutor of an International Criminal Court from a comparative perspective, by Kai Ambos
      -Human rights in development: UN technical cooperation in the field of human rights, by Mona Rishmawi
      -Democracy and the rule of law in Slovakia, by Spencer Zifcak
      -The universality of human rights, by Bertrand G. Ramcharan
      -The Universal Declaration of Human Rights –  is it universal?
      -Rhetoric, regret and reform – the need for an appropriate UN response to the killing of human rights workers, by Todd Antony Howland
  • Commentaries:
    -The 49th session of the United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
  • Basic texts:
    -Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights

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