ICJ still concerned by target killings

The ICJ continues to be concerned at certain policies and practices of target killing, particularly through the use of drones, by the United States and others, in the context of counterterrorism operations.

This legal memoranda by ICJ Legal and Policy Director Ian Seiderman, entitled The United States Targeted Killing Policy and the Threshold of Armed Conflict, addresses the US war paradigm and what is arguably a misapplication of the appropriate legal regime when conducting counterterrorism operations in a number of countries.

USA-ICJ memo on targeted kilings-advocacy-analysis brief-2013 (download in pdf)

This article appeared in European University Institute’s Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies publication entitled, Targeted Killing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and EU Policy, Policy Paper 2013/17available at http://globalgovernanceprogramme.eui.eu/news-events/high-level-policy-seminars/targeted-killing-unmanned-aerial-vehicles-and-eu-policy/

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