ICJ submission on universal periodic review of Uzbekistan

The ICJ is contributing to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Uzbekistan, which is of particular importance given the gross and systematic violations of human rights that continue to take place in that country.

It is important that the Human Rights Council’s working group on the UPR (Working Group) and the Human Rights Council (Council) emphasise the gravity of the situation, point to the gross violations of human rights and call for urgent measures to re-establish the rule of law and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights in Uzbekistan.

It is also essential to recall the obligation of Uzbekistan to co-operate with international human rights mechanisms and bodies and the obligation of other states to refrain from co-operating in violations of human rights by the Uzbek authorities.

Uzbekistan-ICJ Submission to the Universal Periodic Review-non-legal submission-2008 (full text, PDF)

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