CIJL Yearbook: Asian and other perspectives, vol. V & VI, 1996

This issue of the CIJL Yearbook includes articles, analysis, declarations and decisions related to the independence of the judiciary, with a focus on Asia.

Part One: Articles

  • Australia: The State of the Judicature, by Sir Gerard Brennan
  • Brazil: Independence and Financial Autonomy of the Judiciary, by Dalmo A. Dallari
  • Indonesia: Some Challenges to the Independence of the Judiciary, by Adnan Buyung Nasution

Part Two: Threats against the Immunity of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence
of Judges and Lawyers

  • Background
  • Annex 1: Excerpts from the 1946 Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations
  • Annex 2: Certificate by the UN Secretary-General
  • Annex 3: Certificate by the Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Annex 4: Excerpts from the Judgment of 20 October 1997
  • Annex 5: The Reaction of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Annex 6: The Reaction of the UN Human Rights Experts

Part Three: Declarations

1. The Beijing Statement of Principles of the Independence of the Judiciary

  1. Introduction, by David K. Malcolm
  2. Text
  3. CIJL Observations

2. Australian States’ and Territories’ Declaration of Principles on Judicial Independence

Part Four: From Our Database of Court Decisions

  • Decision N° 1. Canada: Reference Re: Independence of Judged of Provincial Court
  • Decision N° 2. Norway: Jens Viktor Plahte vs. The State
  • Decision N° 3. Pakistan: Re. Appointment of Justice SajjadAli Shah as Chief Justice of Pakistan

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